About Me

As a kid my favorite phrase was, “On your mark, get set, go!” Life was about finding the next challenge whether a footrace or a bicycle race on the front lawn. I am always up for an adventure, and thankfully, living vicariously through my characters has allowed a whole lot of them. Pre-law school, I’d be typing away about gallant heroes, epic battles, conspiracy, betrayal, friendship, damsels in distress, sinister villains, or a quest of honor. Now, I’m busy at Liberty University School of Law–learning more about human nature and the rules governing this corner of the world. All of it somehow ties back to who I am–A Christian on the ultimate adventure.

I’m a certified paralegal with six years of experience working at a law firm in downtown Statesville, hoping to transition into private practice one day. I like spending time with my friends, hiking, ballroom dancing, and trying new things. Someday I want to ride on an elephant, just because. 😉

More and more I am beginning to find that my real identity is not wrapped up in what I’ve done or what I like to do, but in who God is and what He is doing through me. Summing it up, it is my desire and prayer to be a channel, a conduit of God’s grace and love to everyone around me, and to live in the present with an intentional dedication to His Word and sensitivity to His Spirit. And that is quite adventurous!

  • Favorite Movies: Inception, Adjustment Bureau, Batman Begins, Facing the Giants, Finding Nemo, Pride and Prejudice, and…Star Trek (new and old.)
  • Favorite Soundtracks: Transformers, Robin Hood, Pirates of the Caribbean, Rudy, Little Women, Gladiator, Titanic, The Rock, The Prince of Egypt, The Last of the Mohicans, The Good the Bad and the Ugly
  • Movie Quotes I say all the time: “Escapay” – Dori from Finding Nemo. “Inconceivable!”
  • Actor that would play me in a movie: Anne Hathaway
  • Favorite Books: Old ones 1800’sish
  • Favorite Authors: Dickens, Austen, Bronte, Wallace, Dumas, and for a more modern flare Peretti, Dekker, and Steven James.
  • Favorite Cuisine: Italian; Chinese; Pizza; Cheeseburgers and Milkshakes
  • Favorite Dishes: Noodley ones; Sweet and Sour Chicken; I like to eat chicken. It’s a versatile meat.
  • Favorite Desserts: CHOCOLATE; Key Lime Pie; Cheesecake; Brownies
  • Favorite Drinks: Lemonade and Root Beer but not together
  • Favorite Junk Foods: Donuts