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Loves Like a Hurricane, I am a Tree

I crouched in a ball, weeping in front of a slip of paper as someone stood on stage softly singing David Crowder’s “How He loves us.” There, at the ladies only 80’s night hosted by a neighboring church roughly two years ago, a sore topic reared its head like an ugly storm, and I got […]


Unfinished Thankfulness…

I have not forgotten my commitment of November Thankfulness. Due to final exams I had to bow out and concentrate on studying rather than getting distracted with social media leaving 14 days in November full of unthankfulness (at least officially.) And, since Christmas has seemed to hang in suspension, I’m still wrapping up the Thanksgiving […]


The Road Ahead

The look on my mother’s face was priceless. I stifled the compulsion to snicker at the situation. Yes, my new neighbor had just bragged that he was sober. Joe, standing about five foot ten with a bushy salt and pepper mustache, had kindly offered to help unpack the U-Haul. As he cheerfully hand trucked boxes […]

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God’s Spiritual Hospital

Sometimes it’s plain to see the gushing wounds–the voice riddled with anguish, the run-on sentences, repeated phrases, insistent demands, begging tones. Most people keep their pain nicely buried, tucked away beneath a hollow smile and a “Hi, how are ya?” But, extreme circumstances tend to burn off the veneer. At the law office as someone talked […]

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Fluff and Stuff

“Oh gag!” I threw the book away. My sister-in-law arched an eyebrow. “What?” “The fluff! I’m choking on this stuff. The girl’s romantic interest is FBI, built, has a British accent, and just calls in a limo when they get stuck. And she’s just prickly toward him, and he can’t get over her! That never […]

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Chapter Break

I think a good writer gives his chapters good conclusions. Something fulfilling, yet intriguing. Something logical, yet unexpected. A good writer builds to the moment, letting the reader taste every flavor of the prose. Time is his tool…how much time he uses to tell the tale directly impacts the content. If he doesn’t have much […]

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A Bully I Can’t Fight

You might never get another chance. Do you want to live with regrets? Where’s your sense of adventure? You’re tough enough not to be hurt. If it doesn’t work out, you’ll be fine. You’ll bounce back. You’re strong…. I listened to this voice–and it was wrong.  (Notice, it cleverly used my best attributes against me.) But nonetheless, I acted. […]


Dear Sam…

Any text now it’s going to be news that you’re breaking out and coming to join us humans on the outside. I know it’s getting a bit uncomfortable in your mom’s tummy. Of course, you know, deep down, that there’s more to life than floating along in the womb. It’s just about time to get […]

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Cooper River Bridge Run, Part 1

“You did not come all this way to quit!” I told myself as I churned up the steep incline of the Arthur Ravenel Bridge. The long sleeved tee I put on earlier that day to stave off shivers in the morning chill now stuck to my hot skin. Face red, and a stitch growing in […]

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What have I done?

11:45 PM and counting. It’s a night when sleep doesn’t come easy and I have time to ponder: What have I done? If the animal kingdom is any indication, I’ve set myself up for a road of bad luck. Black cat, check. Baby copperhead, check. Fox around the house (said to mean someone in the household […]

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