Just Practice? I Don’t Think So.

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MH900430590Rudy is one of the best motivational films ever made, but my favorite part isn’t when the priest sums up philosophy with “there is a God and I am not Him.” It isn’t when the crowd chants Rudy’s name, pressuring the coach to do the right thing. It isn’t the end when they carry him off the field. My favorite scene from that movie is when Rudy is on the practice field. Knocked down, time after time after time, he doesn’t quit. He just won’t quit. Then he sacks the much taller quarterback, and the QB throws a tantrum, angry that Rudy is “playing like it’s the Superbowl.”

It was annoying, I’m sure. It was just practice, after all.

The coach’s response? “If you had a tenth the heart of Rudy, you’d be an All American instead of third string. And now you’re on the prep team.”

That’s my favorite scene because life isn’t a Superbowl. It’s daily practice. It takes heart and determination. Even if you’ve got no prospect of ever becoming a big name, show up, and don’t ever quit—you’ll make your corner of the world a better place, and you might just sack the people who’ve abandoned their potential. “There are many people relying on you, many of whom you’ve not met yet.” – Woody Shoemaker.

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