Recent Events: Excerpts from Life

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Fall Break: Sneezed approximately every other minute on the way home while listening to a torts lecture about the reasonable standard for driving reasonably. Well, anyway, I didn’t wreck. Good thing. Mom promptly gave me about five different pills to swallow along with zicam lozenges and by morning I was completely better. Good thing. I had mid-terms to study for.

Traveled to Asheville with mom to check out dad’s new work place and house hunt. Dad’s temporary housing (aka hotel) was interesting. It has some conference center space, so there was a convergence of the red hat society, the international association of pawn brokers, and a collegiate mountain bike meet. It made for fascinating elevator rides. I think it would have been amusing for them to play musical events. I’d love to see the spandex people playing bingo and the red hat ladies on the mountain bikes…just saying.

House hunting:  Mom and dad are looking for something quiet and mini-farm-esque. Think trickling creek and great view. This necessitated hitting some mountain roads and gravel drives. The hill country is full of drivers who do not believe in the double yellow line. Our realtor has a very cute scream. It’s the first time I was ever grateful that mom drives so slowly.

Nothing looks particularly homey yet, so they’re still looking, and driving slowly. :-)

Mid Terms: But, I went back to school and took the mid term examination. Five one-hour tests in one day. It started out with a hiccup. Halfway through the exam my computer decided to do Windows updates. Yes, updates. Shut down. Reboot. The whole bit. Thankfully, Eric Kistler, the congenial bald man from the library full of helpful chuckles and assuring pronouncements was on hand to get the testing program back on track. Therefore, marginally miffed, I set about slaying the great dragon of personal jurisdiction in civil procedure in the time remaining, and I finished. But, we’ll see how dead it really is tomorrow when the grade comes out.

The rest of the tests clicked by without too much drama. I’m glad for the chance to see how I’m doing and adjust course if necessary.

Oh, almost forgot. When mom and I drove back from Asheville, three bears crossed I-40 right in front of us. A mama bear (presumably) and two baby bears. They looked up at us with the most plaintive, terrified expressions…honestly. Terrified. Mom had to swerve to the emergency lane to miss little junior bear. Thankfully the traffic in the left lane and behind us figured out what was happening and slowed to a crawl. One thing’s for sure, that mama bear is not smarter than the average bear.

Gotta say. I’m glad mom drives slow. 😉



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