Short Stories

The Arranged Wedding

Michelle is a successful young attorney who becomes increasingly fed up with the dating scene. She agrees to an arranged marriage, and then, finds herself swept into a comedic series of events which prevent her from meeting the man until the day of the wedding!


The Preacher Who Spied Too Much

Roger Jeffries is a new preacher, right out of seminary, and no one in the little town of Brent Creek will talk to him. He uses his talents from the military to plant a bug at the local diner to get the inside scoop on his congregation.

My Chains Are Gone

Cassie, a young single woman, voluntarily putting on chains of loneliness and discouragement, right after her morning devotions.


A Courtly Fairytale – Sans Fairies
The noblemen of the realm are put to the test by a clever young princess to find out what they’re made of.