Skating and What Came Of It

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Ice skating. Hmmm. Apparently, at some point in human history, some person decided strapping sharp blades to the bottom of your feet and venturing onto a slippery surface was a good idea. Well, it was. Ice skating is widely loved and heralded by young and old alike as a favorite winter activity. I can see why it’s popular. There’s a brisk freedom in gliding through the air, feeling a breeze on your face, watching the world whir by.

I got a glimpse of that. Mostly, I shuffled around the rink, flailed my arms in awkward little flaps, gave warning calls of impending collisions, and watched my class mates whiz by with great ease and aplomb. As I practiced shifting my weight, and doing all the things I’d been told to do by the more experienced, I had time to reflect on how I wound up in this precarious situation.

I’m not good at ice skating. Part of me just wants to ignore things I’m not good at. (You can’t be an expert at everything.) But, the rink is there, it’s free, and if I’m ever going to get better at it, I’ll just have to do it. So, I decided to stir things up a bit, stretch out of my comfort zone, be vulnerable, and grow…or rather, stumble along in the general direction of forwards. It helped that I had a friend to lean on when I got tired.

Over break I found to my shock that I wasn’t the same person who’d left home in August. I had grown, but the old parts of my life had stayed the same. They hadn’t grown with me.

It’s awkward, this period of readjusting, of bringing parts of my old life into balance with the new skills and new thought processes I’ve developed. Basically, God has stirred things up a bit. Scary? Yeah. Unbalanced? Yeah.

Funny, I found that on my skates, if I was hesitant and cautious, it was more difficult to balance. But, if I struck out with confidence, it was easier…scarier, but easier.

Life will continue to shift and change. But I can be assured that my confidence in God is not misplaced. He’ll balance me. He’ll let me lean on Him. Even though many things are new, He is still the same.

So, then. Forward! (Or, in the alternative, the general direction of forwards.)

(PS: You don’t have to turn around every time someone calls your name.)

(PPS:  “Taking it on the chin” has a whole new meaning for me.)




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