The Adventures of Roderic

I love tagging along with Roderic on his adventures. After I finished writing The Poison Plot, I was having too much fun with the cast of characters to let it end. So I continued the saga with Roderic learning how to handle changes as they come, just like the rest of us. Life isn’t stagnant.

Here’s what I have in mind for the series. Some of these drafts are quite lengthy, a few have been revised. The last two are first drafts, mere infants in the life cycle of a novel. 😉

The Adventures of Roderic

1. The Poison Plot

Roderic Delorro rises through the ranks to become the youngest captain in history–the best of the Lacassian Royal Guard. Despite his impressive resume, he is assigned to guard Princess Adrienne du Parries. It’s not the first time he’s been passed over because of his family.

The secret past of the Delorros rears its ugly head as Roderic’s parents are kidnapped into Calendenia. Roderic and his commander immediately set out to rescue them, but fall into a trap.

Roderic infiltrates the elite military squad of Calendenia, penetrating deep into the corridors of power. He discovers the King of Calendenia has a plot underway to poison the nobles of Reynolda at a ball, and Princess Adrienne is invited.

Roderic has been shielded from danger his whole life, but finds he is destined to the greatest campaign of all–to reclaim the kingdom and thwart the Poison Plot.

2. The Mysterious Shadow

Status: Manuscript – Word Count 70,000

Roderic and Anne embark on a diplomatic journey and fall under fierce attack from Zohlton’s Society. The suspenseful chase winds from the palace in Artakos, to pirate ships on the high seas, to an ancient temple, where Roderic once again finds himself digging into the past to solve a mystery which spirals into a risk-all showdown with Ravonna di Venice.

3. The Revenge of Ravonna

Status: Manuscript – 65,000 words

Zohlton’s Society overpowers the castle in Calendenia, burning it to the ground and taking Roderic’s family captive. Worse, Ravonna’s spies have succeeded in slandering Roderic’s actions to the King of Lacasse. Roderic struggles to rebuild credibility as he tracks his exiled family to a small island, where Ravonna waits poised to execute his final act of revenge.

4. Olindo’s Treasure

Status – Drafted 35,000 Words

Roderic’s pirate grandfather left an immense treasure in Ardinoc, and Zohlton has the map. Roderic chases him back to the main land, but Zohlton poisons Anne’s father, and ambushes her brother’s coronation. If Zohlton’s men get the treasure, if Zohlton solidifies an ally in Artakos, and if Zohlton claims the throne of Lacasse, the Society will be unstoppable.

5. Return to Calendenia

Status – Drafted 93,000 Words

Roderic is taken hostage by a slave ship and dragged to the jungles of Ardinoc. When he escapes, he finds that Zohlton and Basileios have snatched the throne in Lacasse and Calendenia is under the thumb of an entrenched regime. Facing his greatest challenge ever, Roderic must rally his friends and reclaim Lacasse for the house of du Parries.